Top 10 Yahoo Boys who live lavish lifestyles – No.1 commands money and it listens (Pictures)

In this article, we will talk about the top 10 richest Yahoo boys in Nigeria. They are all really wealthy and are are not ashamed to boast of their money by sharing details of their noisy club life and photos of the expensive things they own with fans. Some people like them while some others feel they are too arrogant.

However, most people would like to live a similar life full of pleasures and beautiful items. Fans do not stop discussing about these guys. They are known throughout the country, but the source of their wealth is mostly kept a secret. Continue reading to find out more.

Who is a Yahoo boy?

Initially, the term Yahoo boy was connected with fraudsters who make money through dishonest means on the internet. There several proven crooked schemes such people use while striving for immense wealth.

As for the people on this list, they cannot be said to be directly involved in internet fraud, they however live the lavish lifestyle of typical Yahoo boys. For example, in most cases, their sources of income are unknown. They also behave quite boldly, prove their social status in the online space and sometimes neglect the moral norms typical for ordinary Nigerian citizens.

10. Hushpuppi

Hushpuppi is incredibly popular and very rich; he does not hesitate to show off on his Instagram page and other social networks. News about him constantly appear on the most popular Nigerian blogs. Hushpuppi is always in the spotlight.

He once revealed that he was born into a poor family and earned all his money on his own after he went to Malaysia where he has lived for 4 years.

A lot of celebrities could easily envy his huge audience on Instagram. This guy does not stay inactive and often participates in aggravated disputes with other stars such as Davido, Ice Prince, Phyno and Kcee.

He calls himself the King of Gucci in Nigeria, and is indeed a loyal fan of this brand. Like many other Yahoo boys, he publishes photos of his expensive watches, cars and clothes.

09. Shy Boss

This rich guy has over 180,000 fans on social media; he seems to know how to make money. Despite the fact that he calls himself “Shy Boss”, he does not hide his expensive accessories and clothes. In fact, he openly boasts of all the things he has, which brings him a lot of admiration and envy. This explains why he calls himself a “boss”.

08. Baddy Oosha

This wealthy guy whose real name is Badmus Akeem currently lives in Malaysia, but his native land is Nigeria. He has worked as an actor with the likes of Toyin Abraham in the past; he is also associated with the musical works of some popular celebrities like Lil Kesh, 9ice and Olamide.

07. King Jide

King Jide aka ‘Mayor of Cape town’ lives in South Africa. His wealth and charisma have helped him gain a huge number of fans. One of the most unforgettable stunts he has pulled was spending N5m on 30 Ace of Spades and 1 Dom Perignon. Nobody knows exactly how he makes his money, but they certainly know what he spends it on from the photos he shares.

06. Opa6ix

This is another popular rich man who loves spending large sums of money. People like him make some Nigerian youths start to wonder if they even really need two kidneys when they can sell one and live a luxurious life for a while. Of course, this is an exaggeration. But it is hard to not envy him a little when you look at all the nice things he buys for himself.

His real name is Olawasegun Akinola Opaogun, and just like Baddy Oosha, he can boast of being mentioned in the songs of several Nigerian musicians such as Reminisce, 9ice, and Small Doctor.

05. Aremo Gucci

The actions of Aremo Gucci are always closely watched by thousands of his loyal fans who follow his account on Instagram. Just like Hushpuppi, he adores the Gucci brand and never hesitates to show off his accessories and clothes. There are many other expensive things he generously spends money on. For example, he has a lot of luxury cars and a sophisticated house. He tried to keep his wealth hidden for some time but failed at this because his expenses could not go unnoticed.

04. B Naira

This rich man is a successful musician who has made a lot of money for himself thank to the sales of his records. He works in his own recording studio and has everything necessary for happiness: wealth, youth, the love of his fans and a delightful way of life.  The real name of this musician is Adewale Adebayo, his homeland is Ekiti state. He studied Geography at the University of Lagos. His hit track “Jasi” helped him acquire fame and become renowned in the Nigerian music industry.

03. Investor BJ

This is another dedicated Gucci fan on our list. He considers himself the only recognized African representative of this brand in Malaysia. 9ice made reference to him and some other famous rich guys in his song titled “Living Things”.

His fans find his love for the fashion house of Gucci quite intriguing; he has published several photos of himself purchasing very expensive items from the popular brand. This was a bold challenge to his other opponent and Gucci lover, Hushpuppi.

02. Deskid Wayne

This guy may be the last on this list, but he is definitely not the most modest of the group. Despite the fact that he is very young, his daily and weekly spendings cause the highest degree of envy.

He attracted a lot of attention when he burned a large amount of dollars and showed off his actions to his fans. His followers also get to regularly admire photos of him with his girlfriend.

It is possible that there are way richer people in Nigeria who prefer to keep their wealth and leading businesses a secret, however, these 10 guys on our list do not hide anything from their fans and sincerely share the details of their lives on social networks. Sometimes their actions seem extravagant and even lead to scandals, but they still have a large number of fans who love them with all their hearts.

01. Mompha

This famous businessman from Lagos often posts photos of himself holding a lot of money on Instagram. Unlike other big guys, he does not only boast of his wealth but also gives advice to his followers on how to succeed in the business sphere. He inspires them to painstakingly work hard so that they can also enjoy a luxurious life.

Mompha runs his own business in Lagos. His enterprise is called Mompha De Change and is the main source of his wealth.