Incredible! Man Wows Nigerians As He Saves N357,000 By Not Drinking For 124 Days

A Nigerian man who identifies as Frankisense, has taken to his social media handle to reveal what he did with the money, he usually spent on drinking with his friends. The man who’s sober testimony wowed alot of people wrote;” Stay sober for 124days now. I put 3,000 in my safe box each time i feel like drinking… and am able to save these up. So happy i can save approximately 357,000 from not drinking. Would have spend 57k out of the 357, 000 last night on drinking with friends. But i decide to plant it down here.” He wrote gladly.

According to, the young man saved a whole lot of money from not exactly hanging out to drink with his friends something most persons seems to struggle to do or do than fail woefully to met up with consistency . Read some reactions below;

Some persons might be trying so hard to quit an unhealthy habit they picked up due to social pressure and peer groups in which they belong to. Disregarding the fact that since these habit are acquired and often times take alot of discipline and consistency to do away with them.  Discipline takes patience to master, and not a quality one grows over nights.

There are ways in which one could build their discipline and grow the willpower to keep to a particular behaviour pattern. The true is discipline is a learned skill, and not an innate characteristic and anyone could  posses it if they are intentional and apply dedicated practice. Here are ways to build discipline.

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Firstly you must acknowledge your weaknesses whether it’s something as little as not eating cookies since it might affect your diet or you can’t resist checking your social media accounts every two minutes, acknowledge your pitfalls. After that establish a clear plan – No one wakes up one day suddenly blessed with self-discipline. Instead, you need a strategy.

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Remove the Temptations When Necessary – Although we’d all like to believe we have enough willpower to resist even the most alluring enticement, it only takes one moment of weakness to convince ourselves to cave to temptation.

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Practice Tolerating Emotional Discomfort – It’s normal to want to avoid pain and discomfort, but trying to eliminate all discomfort will only reinforce to yourself that you can’t handle distress.

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Visualize the Long-Term Rewards – You’ll be less likely to cave to temptation when you focus on the long-term gain. Recover From Mistakes Effectively – Self-discipline comes easier on some days than others. If you’re feeling stressed.

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