”Ghana People No Get Shame” – Nigerians Blast Ghanaians For Doing This On Live TV

A  video has been trending online and gone viral after a Ghanaian man was seen mounting a woman while trying to teach the different type of sxx position. The video which sparked mixed reactions amongst Nigerians as they angrily took to their social media handle to call out the man and TV host for hosting such a disgusting show knowing fully well, young kids also watch the show. Angry Nigerians blasted both Ghana and Ghanaians for  demonstrating such sensitive content  on live TV program and condoning such a display on  their air space .

Some Nigerians found such demonstration on TV disgusting and inane while some other Nigerians hailed them. It is true that cultures varies from society but that shouldn’t entirely erase boundaries. The Ghanaians are somewhat expressive towards matters relating to romance, unlike them, Nigerians are conservatives and tend to not entertain public display of affection.

Here are  some of the reactions condemning Ghanaians. One Mr Splendour_uwa wrote: “This Ghana people no get shame. Nonsense ingredients”

C._the_peace wrote: “No wonder their football teams didn’t make it into the World Cup 2018. They need to stop these nonsensical over erotic dances”

Feebian_rowland wrote : “Some of us are fasting oo”

A Nigerian lady, Presh_cole wrote: “As for that one it’s nothing to them..A lady can take off her underlies on National Tv. So very soon they gonna be doing Penetration. I don’t know how a Country just discuss s.ex so Much and sells all manner of stuffs for romance, Life is not all about Sxx bikonu”

A Ghanaian lady, Oforiwaa_babert fired back at the Nigerian lady, she shaded Nigeria too in her clapback:” @presh_cole But yet still we have freedom and justice,in fact we have peace,we can move around anytime we want ,Not in Nigeria by 10 pm everybody needs to sleep  Common Vote ,u can’t vote in peace  Pray for ur country and leave us alone”

Oforiwaa_babert wote; “@presh_cole And do u even understand our language?No ,and u are here talking brabrabra ”

The Nigerian lady, Presh_cole replied her: “@oforiwaa_babert Lol…No offense o sorry. As a matter of Fact i have lots of Ghanaian friends cos i also spend time there. So am not comparing Ghana only that Children watch these channels shouldn’t there be Parental Guiding on these stuffs.”


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