Funny Fact About G.O s Of Churches You Never Knew

Theres something G.Os don’t joke with,thats the uniqueness of how they look especially with their hairdo or the color of their suits so that it will be easy for you to recognize them once you spot them.

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Can somebody shout Hallelujah? If you check very well we can bet that you have at least one relative who is a pastor.

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As different as all our Daddy G.Os are, we couldn’t help but notice a couple of things most of them seem to have in common.

Most Nigerian churches owns schools either universities or secondary schools

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It’s not as if it’s just for-profit o, it’s because education is also their calling.

Most G.Os are writers and publishers they even own their media house in most cases and its all for the word of God

So multi-talented. Can only be God.

Most of them own private jets either given to them as a gift or they actually buy it.

You might think this is a luxury, but it’s not. The word of God is timely and can’t be stuck at Muritala Muhammed, like the rest of us.

Its funny how all churches have their campground along the expressway, from the likes of MFM to Redeem and even Shiloh all have their campgrounds there

Who cares if you get stuck in the unbearable traffic, receive your blessings from there. Amen?

A large number of them are very wealthy which means they worth millions of dollars.

They don’t have to explain the source of their income to you, because how do you explain a net worth of over $150 million.
Divine abundance, brothers and sisters. Next year is your year.

A large number of them are very humble i guess because they have to set good examples.

Just think about it, which G.O. do you know who isn’t humble?

A large number of them have branches all over the world and also within the country with branches scattered from LGA to LGA and they actually have their broadcasting tv channels

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Is your work truly complete if you haven’t given it international exposure?

If you say ‘tithe’ in front of a mirror three times, a Daddy G.O. will appear.

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They are only trying to help your life, your prosperity is tied to your tithes. If you don’t tithe you can’t blow.

They usually have cute wives who are also pastors.

You can’t find a Daddy G.O. without a Mummy G.O.

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