OMG! Never Ever Try This Method If You Want To Propose To Your Love, You Will Forever Regret It

1. “I was living in Italy at the time and my then-boyfriend came to visit, so we took a trip to Rome with two of my friends.  We were out at dinner and afterward decided to see the Trevi Fountain at night. My friends were taking pictures of us when he got down on one knee and proposed! But one of those annoying tourist trap photographers with a Polaroid camera decided to step in front of my friend who was taking pictures with his nice camera. 

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The photographer literally kicked him out of the way while my other friend was taking a video. You can hear my friend say, ‘Get out of here!’ The tourist photographer wouldn’t leave us alone until we paid him for the two crappy Polaroid pictures, so we threw some change at him and walked away. I still said yes, we were still engaged, and we laugh about the story now!” —Liz, 24

2. “My fiancé thought he was being super creative by proposing to me on the beach while we were on vacation. While we were there, I wanted to get our pictures done professionally so I set up a session with a local photographer, just for fun. He had also talked to the photographer to be there for the proposal without me knowing.

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The day of the photo session I scheduled turned out to be a hot, humid afternoon. My makeup was melting off my face and my hair was flat. I looked like a hot mess. He was rushing me to finish getting ready because we needed to go early but couldn’t tell me why. That should’ve been my first sign something was up. We arrived and the beach was so crowded. I should mention that I am super shy and my nightmare was the idea of being proposed to in front of a crowd.

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He was trying to pull me further down the beach, but I wanted to stay back at the location we were meeting the photographer, so we wouldn’t be late. I was so focused on meeting the photographer that I insisted we just stay put. He ended up just getting on one knee and asking me right there in front of the crowd of people. 

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There was no meaningful speech and the photographer took the proposal pictures from above as they stood on the pier, so we have pictures of the tops of our heads with him on one knee. We had dated for 10 years before he proposed so to say it was underwhelming is an understatement. Our wedding is in July but I still can’t think about that day and not feel disappointed.” —Hannah, 26

3. “So we had been dating for just six months when he decided to propose. He took me to a Broadway show and planned to propose at the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree after. I told him I didn’t want to go because it was cold and my heels were starting to hurt my feet. 

So we went to his house, somehow started arguing, and I was in the middle of crying, and he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring. My initial response was, ‘Why??’ He wasn’t sure if I meant ‘Why propose mid argument?’ or ‘Why are you even proposing?’ The ring didn’t fit, and neither did we. Safe to say it didn’t last long and I called off the engagement.” —Karla, 26

4. “My S.O. took me away to the Dominican Republic for a nice vacation. We were on the beach, it was a beautiful night, and we were walking with our toes in the sand. I looked around and he was down on one knee. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I was so excited that someone did all this for me! So he was down on his knee, said the words, and proposed.

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I was screeching with excitement inside because I loved him too and yes, I wanted to marry him. I was waiting for him to pull the ring out and it never happened. He took me all this way and proposed to me in the most beautiful place with no ring! I felt the need to bring it up, obviously.

He then told me that he spent all his money on the trip and wanted me to pick out a ring when we returned home because he would have his tax return by then. I stayed with him for a few years but it’s now over. I just never got over it. It was embarrassing for me.” —Shannon, 38

5. “I had been dating this guy for six years and decided ‘OK, well, he’s not going to propose so I’ll do it.’ So I set up an extravagant proposal. We went to a fancy dinner, there was wine flowing, and there was a live orchestra in the background playing romantic music. By this point, I’d had way too much wine and food and decided, ‘Fuck it, I’ll pop the question.’ 

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I got the ring, I took it out, got on one knee … and threw up. ALL. OVER. EVERYTHING. I still had the ring in my hand. He was horrified. I was shaking, thinking, OK, well, do you want to marry the exorcist? Because here I am, covered in vomit. He cleaned it up, put the ring on, kissed my forehead, and said, ‘Yes I’ll marry you.’ The man is too good!” —Katrina, 25

6. “My boyfriend and I had been dating for about three years at the time and he had recently moved from New York to Ohio for me. My family was throwing a big tailgate for my favorite college football team (Go Bucks!). Not only did my entire family come into town, but all of his family came into town from New York.

A couple hours into the tailgate, a prop plane flies by with the sign, “Marry Me Jenni? Go Bucks!” and everybody prompts me to look. But little did I know, the sign wasn’t for me, but another Jenni (who else spells Jenni with an I!? And his family was in town?!?). For the rest of the day, I had to deal with turning away congratulations for my non-proposal. Luckily, a few months later he popped the question (with the same sign!)” —Jenni, 25

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