These are the Three REAL reasons why your girlfriend is cheating on you

You might have heard that women cheat because they are in an unhappy relationship; it isn’t always quite the case in some infidelity situations.

According to psychoanalyst and writer, Esther Perel, the rate of unfaithful married women has increased by 40% since 1990. More women are likely to take infidelity lightly compared to the 20th century.

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Make no mistake, the major genesis of infidelity stems mostly from personal as well as an interpersonal relationship with the cheater.

Because discussing infidelity deals with a wide margin, this article covers both physical (sxxual and romantic activities) and digital cheating (sxxting etc).

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Additionally, it should be noted that cheating covers a deeper ground than external or secondary relationships as it might usually be accompanied by lying to the primary partner to cover up.

The common reasons why married women cheat include:

Deficient intimacy

A common misconception when it comes to the word ‘intimacy’ is sxx. And although intimacy in relationships also involves sxx, the term is a process beyond sxxual pleasure.

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A woman feeling a lack of closeness, sharing of confidentiality, activities involving spending time together, emotional interplay such as planning a future together, and thoughtfulness, might consider cheating.

In this case, she might seek to mirror these roles of intimacy in a secondary relationship.

Overprojection of the primary relationship

With a proper understanding of a primary relationship, a woman might cheat.

A woman might harbour and later begin to manifest overbearing or over-exaggerated expectations from her man. Finance, physical attributes, statutory advantage, as well as obligations, are common grounds a woman might misinterpret in a relationship.

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Consequently, she might decide to cheat, either digitally or physically with a person whom she feels can provide these expectations.

Traumatic experiences

Often too much, the factor of trauma might be overlooked in infidelity cases. A woman with traumatic experiences on her plate will proceed to be defensive in relationships.

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In order to protect herself from hurt, inferiority or infidelity, she might decide to build her defences by cheating first.

Women guilty of cheating may want to consider confessing to their primary partner and if the couple decides to move past the situation, seek therapy and counsel.


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