Through her underwear; Here’s how you can know a woman better

As ridiculous as it may seem, female personalities actually reflect in their choice of underwear.

In doubt? Look for your underwear preferences and understand yourself or your partner a little better.

Boy Shorts

boy shorts

The boy shorts-wearing girl oozes with positive energy. She is the first to offer support when a friend is in need.

She is very active and has a great butt. She is social, outgoing, smart and charismatic. She’s probably into video games and is loyal to a fault.

Cotton panties

Cotton panties

This girl loves to laugh and is usually the funniest in the group. She appreciates comfort and is very empathetic towards others. Regardless of her preference for comfort she still puts an effort to being sexy from time to time.

High Waist panties

High Waist panties

The panty of the classy and elegant girl. She would often feel she was born in the wrong decade. Most of her fashion and music taste is from the 70s or 80s. Her poison of choice is always red wine and she probably has a particular red lipstick that makes her feel fabulous.



This girl has big dreams. She has set goals and she goes for them with a focused mind. She has great family values and everyone around her thinks she is well put together.

Granny Panties

Image result for Granny panties

This choice is the least fashion inclined and as a result, granny panties provides the most comfort in the bunch.

It also covers the butt cheeks adequately. This girl will never discomfort herself for any reason. She will be one of the most laid back people you will ever meet.



This is not a go-to underwear for most girls because you might spend most of the day trying to get a string out of your butt crack.

G-strings will come in handy when you want to wear a dress and you don’t want panty lines showing. So most girls tend to have one or two pairs on standby.

The ladies who wear them on a daily basis are usually very confident with their body and love to flaunt the parts.



This girl makes style her priority. She wants to leave an unprecedented mark in everything she lays her hand on. You will never catch her in a bra and panties that don’t match. She’s very practical and always has plans for everything.

Undies with text, art, image

Undies with text

This girl can be described as “bubbly”, “cute” or “adorable”. She loves to play and she is quite perky. Her favorite color is pink and she would hardly walk past a dog she wouldn’t want to pet.


Not wearing any underwear is actually good for your va9ina as it reduces the risk of vaginal infections.

The girl that dares to go about without one is very easy going and can’t be bothered about something as inconsequential as underwear.

Image result for Girl without Underwear

She is probably a die-hard Rihanna fan and is very passionate about life. She loves basking in the sunlight and she pictures life in a beach house.

In conclusion, there are the girls who wear a little bit of everything or three or four out of the list. Their personalities cannot be grouped easily as they can adjust to any situation they find themselves in. We refer to these girls as ‘divergent’.