Nigerian Foods To Stop Eating To Get A Flat Tummy

We love us some Nigerian foods! However, if we want to be honest, we know that some of them are not exactly healthy so they should be eaten in moderation or not at all. If you’re serious about getting fit and especially having a flat belly, then you’re going to have to stop eating some Nigerian foods. Here are some of the most common culprits:

Agege Bread


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We hope we’ve not lost you already with this point. Apart from the obvious hygiene problems with how Agege bread is made, it can also cause bloating which will make your stomach swell. This issue is made worse in most people because they either start their day with Agege Bread or end it with Agege Bread and oil-laden ewa agonyin. You don’t have to stop Agege Bread completely, but if you want a flat belly, you need to cut it out at least for a while.




Nigerian Foods To Stop Eating To Get A Flat Belly

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Fufu and apu are made from cassava and cassava can produce a lot of gas which will make you bloated and of course tamper with your flat belly goals. If you’re serious about getting those abs tight, you’ll need to say goodbye to your fufu.


Swimming-in-oil efo riro


Nigerian Foods To Stop Eating To Get A Flat Belly

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We carefully added swimming in oil there so you won’t shoot us. Efo riro on its own is a generally healthy meal, but by the time you add buckets of palm oil and then cook it till it’s black, then what you’re eating is just roughage in oil basically. Fatty meals like this type of efo riro cause bloating because fat is the last thing to leave the belly during the digestion process. If you want a flat belly and also to get the benefit of eating vegetables, your efo riro should be made with fresh tomatoes and pepper and the vegetable should still be green and attractive.





We know you want to indulge in Nigerian foods all you want, but if something is not good for you, you shouldn’t overdo it. If you’re serious about getting a flat belly, then you must eject these culprits from your meal plan.


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