Ladies this is how to know if he truly values and respects you

You’ve heard it many times and whether you like it or not, we’re here to tell you again that a successful relationship is not only based on love. You both have to respect and value each other. No matter how much he loves you, if he takes your feelings for granted, things will eventually crash.

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It’s important to recognize how valued you are by your partner as early on in the relationship as possible. Keep an eye out for these signs that he respects you.

1. He gives you his attention

When you’re in a relationship, one of the signs he respects you and your time is if he gives you his attention. This doesn’t mean he has to be available to you 24/7. But it does mean he puts in the effort to make plans with you, check in on you and initiates phone calls/texts.

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2. He cares about what you think

He may not always take your advice and it’s okay to have different views. But a man who respects you cares about your opinion. He’s always interested in what you have to say and often turns to you for advice and input.

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3. He doesn’t try to control you

One sign your partner doesn’t respect you is if he tries to control or change basically everything about you. When he starts wanting to determine how you dress, what you say and shouldn’t say, etc, it means he doesn’t respect your abilities to make your own decisions.

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4. He cheers you on

When he respects you, he encourages you to succeed and to be the best you can be. He proudly celebrates your wins and is always available to offer words of advice when needed.

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5. He’s honest with you

When a partner respects you, he doesn’t try to deceive or con you into believing things that aren’t true. He’s open and honest because he knows how much you value those traits.

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6. He’s secure in the relationship

A man who respects you doesn’t get easily jealous at the drop of a hat. If he’s constantly threatened by male friendships or other encounters with the opposite sex, it means he doesn’t trust you. And a lack of trust on his part usually indicates what he truly thinks of you. This means he must think so lowly of you to believe you’d cheat on him any chance you get.

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