6 Signs You’re Falling Out Of Love With Your Partner

Sometimes, you can miss the signs you’re falling out of love. And the wider this distance between you two, the harder it will be to find your way back together. So recognizing these signs should let you know that it’s time to make a serious decision. Stay and work on rebuilding the love? Or walk away.

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1. Too much fighting or none at all

A bit of disagreement here and there is normal in a relationship. But when it feels like the fighting never ends, then it’s a big sign that you and your man are not on the same page. You go to bed mad and wake up with another reason to get mad. That’s not healthy. Then there’s the other end of the spectrum. You guys don’t even fight at all. You completely ignore each other and you shrug off the things that would normally offend you. This also means you’re emotionally checked out.

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2. He annoys you. A lot

He cannot so much as breathe without you getting mad about it. This is usually a result of long-term resentment or unresolved pain. It gets to that points that you’re constantly irritated with him.

3. Saying ‘I love you’ feels different

Even though you say the words, they no longer mean anything to you. You either stop saying them completely or even when you do, it’s hollow and insignificant.

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4. Anything is better than spending time with him

Spending time with your partner stops taking priority. You almost always find excuses to do something else instead. Canceling plans with him makes you feel a little (or a lot) relieved.

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5. No physical intimacy

When things are tense between a couple, sex is usually one of the first things to go. Apart from that, other forms of intimacy like hugging, kissing, holding hands and so on also disappear.

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6. You’re attracted to other people

You may already have someone who’s getting your time and attention, or you’re fantasizing about what it will be like to be with someone else. These are major signs that you are over your partner, or at least about to be.

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