Things To Consider Before Choosing A Wedding Venue

Have you ever been a wedding guest and wondered to yourself why the couple, especially the bride will agree to use a particular location? You are right to have thought that way, because the choice of location for the wedding is one of the things that will determine the outcome of your special day.


Choosing a wedding venue is a key part in the planning of a wedding, so I have listed 5 important things every individual planning a wedding ought to look out for before deciding to choose a venue.
1. Location

I will say this is the first thing you ought to consider especially when the joining and reception are going to be held at different locations. Ensure that they are not too far apart from each other and also consider the tendencies of traffic and quality of roads on the routes leading to the venues. You don’t want your guest already agitated by the commute.


Choosing a wedding venue

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2. Venue capacity

DO NOT under any circumstance try to go over the maximum number of seating the hall can take. For example, if the hall will take a maximum of 350 using banquet sitting style, please do not use it for 500. I would even advise that you do not reach the maximum limit of the hall; use a 350 capacity hall for 250 guest. You will need all the space you can get as this will enable your guest move about freely, service easier and décor more pronounced.


choosing a wedding venue

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3. Parking space

Ensure the venue has adequate parking space for the number of guests you are expecting. In the case where parking in the venue will not be possible, reserve a parking lot which is an extremely walkable distance from the location of venue.

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4. Convenience

We do not compromise on this. If for any reason, you feel your guest will not be comfortable using the kind that the hall or venue provides, please consider other options. Toilets need to be constantly cleaned and freshened up whist offering the “luxury” of privacy.

P.S. Food service should be FAR away from the toilets. Nobody wants to eat food knowing it was served beside toilets.



5. Changing room

This is one element a lot of people forget until the day of the event when they need to make use of it. Ensure the venue has a minimum of one changing room which possess at least a private toilet and adequate security.

When planning a wedding, it is important to ensure that you also put the comfort of your guests into consideration and the above helps you do that.



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