Check Out These Top Secret Fashion Weapons Women Use To Enchant Men

Variety is the spice of life as often said. In this age of social media and extremely high beauty standards, women have developed many ways to make fashion statements with stunning accessories that enhance their beauty and style. Looking plain just does not cut it anymore. To leave a lasting mark on the world’s runway, a woman who is hoping to earn the reputation of a fashion goddess must go all the way to prove that she deserves the crown. It is true that less is more but these days, style is in the details and only the true fashionistas understand that it is the secret weapon to enchant the prying eyes of spectators in the fashion world.

It is easy to look fabulous in any piece of clothing but sealing the look with a gold necklace or diamond earrings or even the right pair of shoes is the ultimate style sword that most women pull out when they step out for a style battle. And believe it or not, it works so long as the lady knows that accessories are the key to nailing that desired look. Wearing the right accessories is very important and for many generations, women have used it as a secret tool to enhance their style and look ten times more attractive. It is no wonder shoes, bags and jewelry are very expensive- even its creators know the essence of such tiny detail that can speak major fashion statements.


Whether it is a tiny purse, clutch, tote or shoulder pack, a bag tells you everything a woman is set to do with her time. It also tells you where she is headed and whether it will be a fun night, a date night or just casual hangout with friends.

Bags are like companions for women. Most never step out without one and the style of a lady’s bag tells you all you need to know about her. So, guys, you better watch out.

Fashion jewelry

Looking gorgeous is not easy. A woman who takes her time to look beautiful with the right jewelry is one who is aware of her beauty and how best to express it in style.

Weather it is a tiny piece of earring, a bold bracelet or an unconventional nose ring, if she wants to express the full essence of her feminism, you will find her rocking the jewelry that reflects her mood, style and maybe even bank account.


While sunglasses might be considered unisex, having the right pair of glasses that fit one’s facial structure is important and women know how to use this to their advantage. It can be aviators to show off a stunning oblong face or square frames to compliment a lovely jawline, one thing women make sure not to get wrong is the type of sunglasses they rock especially when showing their diva side.


Call it the holy grail. Shoes are everything and a woman not afraid to walk in high heels is one who is not afraid to flaunt her essence.

Walking tall exudes confidence and strong, independent women will swear that shoes are the best way they know to make a statement everywhere and sometimes even in the bedroom (that’s a secret you should keep to yourself).  Ultimately, looking good is great business and for many generations, women from different parts of the world have mastered how to use accessories to define and complete their looks.


Source: madaily

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