Here Are The Top 20 Latest Agbada Designs And Styles For The Stylish Men

An Agbada is a big gown worn by men in some West African countries. For centuries, Agbada designs have been a popular fashion style in the African culture. It is worn by elites, chiefs, rulers or wealthy personalities in the society. In some societies, it is worn by royals as it signifies dignity and authority.

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But in recent times, Agbada has become an outfit for all and sundry. And there’s has been a tremendous evolution in the designs and styles of Agbada. Presently, African men wear Agbada to special events such as parties, wedding, and places of worship. Aside from wearing Agbada to parties and other ceremonial occasions, you can wear them to formal events such as meetings or interview. The latest trend in Agbada designs and styles for men has improved from popular traditional styles to fabulous styles and designs.

How is Agbada Styled?

Agbada is sewn, designed and embroidered in a three-piece of clothing. It includes a large overflown gown, a trouser and an inner, more fitting shirt called Buba. So if you are searching for the latest Agbada design, check out the following:

1. Agbada with shades of Blue

Agbada with a shade of blue is perfect for any occasion. The different combination of blue colors exudes style and class. Trust me; this will definitely make head turn.

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2. Black Agbada Casual Wear

Black is a color that goes with every season and occasions. An Agbada sown with a black fabric depicts class, style, and status. You can wear it over your clothes to an event or any other formal occasion.

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3. Stylish Agbada with Guinea

Sewing Agbada with Guinea is a modest and ethnic traditional Africa outfit. This is a must-have Agbada style for trendy men. It comes with a loose fitting and flared sleeves and you can add a pair of black shades accessories to get your swag on.

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4. Agbada with rose gold or mint green 

Amazingly, you can wear the rose gold Agbada fabric with no sleeves to a formal occasion at any time of the year. You can wear it with an ethnic hat to complete the outfit.

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5. Block Printing Agbada

An Agbada sewn with a white robe with red and black block printing can be your fashion statement for the year. Style it with a red hat and you are ready to go.

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6. Ocean blue Agbada for young guys

The ocean blue version of Agbada with a white Buba is a great design for young men this year. Also, it is the perfect attire for any occasion. It will surely attract curious glances from admirers.

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7. Complete wine Agbada with a black cap for Perfect Street Style

A complete wine Agbada measured and sewed using the wine senator fabric with a black hat is a perfect street style outfit. It is ideal for people of class and style. What’s more, the color of this Agbada goes with any skin complexion. Assuredly, it is a step away from the usual conventional colors.

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8. Grey Agbada for a wedding party

The grey color is a fashion style statement on its own. A grey Agbada, when mixed with quality embroidery, adds traditional value to any style or design. This is a perfect outfit for the groom on his wedding day.

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9. Short Sleeved Agbada

Most Agbada designs are long sleeved. But an upgrade to the original design ensures that the outer garment or the Buba are trimmed to fit, this reduces the bulkiness and renders the overall length of the gown to stop at the knee.

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10. Navy Blue Agbada with Cap

Agbada made with navy blue fabrics is surely the go-to outfit for formal events. For an attractive look, accessorize the design with gold chain and sunglasses. Don’t forget to top it with a hat.

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11. Flared White Agbada

To rock this style, pair it with white pants trouser and an undershirt.

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12. Matured Look in Silver Agbada

Silver Agbada sewn with quality ethnic embroidery is the right outfit for all ceremonial occasions such as a traditional wedding.

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13. Trendy White Agbada

Confused about what to wear? No worries! A trendy white Agbada can never go wrong. It is the perfect outfit for weddings, birthdays or family gathering. White Agbada will make people accord you with the respect that you deserved.

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14. White Agbada with black Bodice

Announce your presence with the black bodice. The color and ethnic bodice add a touch of traditional values.

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15. Gold Agbada for Lunch or Dinner

Gold Agbada styled with a black and white stripe is perfect for formal events such as dinner party.

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16. Black Silk Agbada for Winter Weddings

Yes, you can combine short black silk Agbada with a white fitted Buba and trouser. It is a perfect outfit for a wedding party.

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17. Agbada for Evening Wear

This style is perfect for evening gatherings. So, if you don’t have this, you are missing out greatly.

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18. Green Agbada for matured men

The subtle color of this Agbada makes it easy to be worn at any time without any second thought.

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19. Off-White Agbada for ceremonial events

The off-white Agbada is ideal for ceremonial events during the summer.

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20. Royal Blue Agbada

The royal blue stylish Agbada is the ideal traditional outfit for weddings and other ceremonial occasions.

Royal blue Agbada design

There you have it! These styles will definitely make you to stand out from the crowd.