SHOE CARE 101: How To Make Your Shoes Last Longer; Save Yourself A Ton Of Money For Other Things

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  1. Quality Over Quantity

This is probably the most important tip. Invest in good shoes that can stand the test of time. And we’re not necessarily talking about spending a fortune on luxury brands. But if you want your shoes to last, buying cheap knockoffs just won’t cut it.

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   2. Keep Your Shoes Away From Water

Shoes generally don’t do well with moisture. So it’s not a good idea to have your shoe rack close to your window where it will be exposed to rain and even dust. And if your shoes get wet, you should leave them out in the sun to dry.

  3. Proper Storage

If you have a habit of just stacking your shoes on top of each other then don’t be surprised if they don’t last long. All the pressure that is mounting on the shoes at the bottom will cause them to wear out quickly. Instead, stuff your shoes with old newspapers when not in use and have them on a shoe rack.

make your shoes last longer
4. Clean Your Shoes The Right Way

Most of us are on this table. For example, cleaning suede shoes with water is a recipe for disaster. It might not seem that way initially but you’re actually reducing the lifespan of the shoe. Suede sprays should be used on suede shoes while leather shoes can be cleaned with a damp cloth first and then polished. Also for sneakers, washing machines are a big NO. Clean with a soft brush instead.

  5. Undo Clasps And Untie Shoe Laces Before Wearing Or Taking Off Shoes

This is another one a lot of people are guilty off. When you’re in a hurry, the extra minute it takes to undo your shoe clasps can seem like forever. But those few seconds you save from not doing it will you cost more money down the line when you’ll have to replace the shoe. So to make your shoes last longer, undo your clasps before wearing or taking them off.

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  6. Make Your Shoes Last Longer By Rotating Them

We all have our favourite pair of knock about shoes that we’d rather wear over and over again. But not spacing your shoes adequately will greatly increase their wear and tear. Instead have multiple shoes for the same function and your shoes will last longer.

make your shoes last longer

If you follow all these tips to the T, they’ll certainly make your shoes last longer than usual. Going shoe shopping? This guide will help.