Well, the sad part is, each girl felt Fouad was dating just her and no one else, until the drama landed on Twitter where they discovered he had been playing all of them. So this guy has a girlfriend known as Gisela and another one known as Yetunde, and he has been cheating on them with each other. So in the minds of Gisela and Yetunde, they are dating Fouad, but this guy is a player, who was playing with both of them and the whole thing has exploded on Twitter.

In summary, as seen on Twitter: “The whole Gisela , Fouad, Yetunde thing be say ; Gisela come post video of ein fine boy(Nana Fouad) on his birthday, everything nice and hype norr boys go pull video of the same guy for another girl ein status chopping love and all that. Now everywhere beans.”

And Trust Twitter to come with the trolls, see some of them below: