Two Slay Queens Fights Each Other At Facebook Group’s Hangout

Clash of Drama Queens as Slay mama’s fight on the street of Oluwo, Abeokuta, Ogun-State after sending threats online. It was gathered that one of them named Ruthy went to beat Reakky twins, Reakky Tom and Reakky Pearl for been rude to her and calling her Olosho.

A slay Queen and a slay King who weren’t okay with their war of words online, decided to engage in a fight at a Facebook group’s hangout yesterday. Facebook users who witnessed the fight, disclosed that the slay Queen and a slay King had been attacking each other verbally before now. It was gathered that the fight started online when the lady identified as Kiki allegedly made a post threatening to beat up the young man named Cammy, when she meets him in their Facebook group’s hangout in Lagos.

The duo made real their threats to each other, after a heated war of words at the hangout venue yesterday (Wednesday). The two slay queen  who fought till they tore their clothes in public, were not separated by other members of the group who filmed the disgraceful scene and shared on social media.

A popular Facebook slay queen, by name: KIKI O ADORNMENT, a single mother, from Ibadan has been physically beaten up by another Facebook slay king by name: CAMMY KHALID, over a social Media dispute between both of them in one of the Facebook groups

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