#10YearsChallenge: This lady’s backside after 10 years will SHOCK ALL OF YOU!!

There has been a recent trend On social media, called the #10yearschallenge where individuals share throwback photos of themselves from years ago alongside a recent photo.

The #10YearsChallenge started trending few hours ago on social media as people share online their decade old photo by the side of their current one with the hashtag.

Facebook and Instagram particularly has been clouded with posts of different people partaking in the trend and while we’re laughing and inspired by the photos, we’re rather astonished by one that caught our eye.

This lady, pictured, has left us stunned after she shared before and after photos of her backside, a decade after – her post has since garnered a lot of attention from users.

She captioned the post:

‘Naw but for real. 10-year difference.’

See her photos below,