Check Out Beautiful Wedding Rings In Nigeria: How To Make The Right Choice

There are many aspects to planning a perfect wedding: the couple needs to choose the wedding venue, theme, decoration, entertainment, catering, and wedding outfits. However, all of these aspects deal with the wedding day itself, and only one of them stays with the couple forever. We’re talking about wedding rings.

If you’re planning to get married soon, you’ll inevitably realize that out of thousands of wedding rings in Nigeria, you’ll have to make one of the most important choices of your life. Check out our guide to picking your ideal wedding and engagement rings!

1. How to shop for wedding rings

There are many options for buying an ideal pair of wedding rings: you can visit your local jewelry shops, shop online, or have your rings made from scratch by a professional jeweler. Here are some helpful tips on how to make the right choice.

  1. The material of the rings influences their price, appearance, durability, and versatility. Gold is the most traditional option, so if you have a classic taste, go for yellow gold. Rose gold and white gold are the trendier options. If you’re having a no-expense-spared wedding, you can buy platinum rings – it’s the most expensive option, but platinum looks stunning and will last for decades. Silver, titanium, and zirconium are the most affordable wedding ring metal, which is perfect for couples on a budget. Plus, these metals are perfect for modern wedding band designs.
  2. In the past, it was considered that the bride and the groom should wear absolutely similar wedding rings or rings with minor differences. Luckily for newlyweds today, your choice of rings is no longer limited by those beliefs. Today the bride and the groom can not only pick completely different rings, but their rings don’t even have to be made of the same metal. However, a pair of rings unified by one theme is still a great option.
  3. Start shopping in advance. If you begin your search 3-6 months before the wedding, you’ll have enough time to go through all available options and even order custom rings. Shopping in a rush is never a good idea, especially when it comes to wedding rings in Nigeria and prices, since buying rings in advance will help you secure the best possible price.
  4. Stick to a budget. A wedding is an unbelievably expensive venture, and wedding rings can take a huge part of the wedding budget. Set aside the amount of money you want to spend on rings and try not to go overboard.



2. 5 biggest wedding ring trends of 2017

Even though the wedding ring fashion isn’t a rapidly changing one, every year there are plenty of latest wedding rings to admire and to get inspired by. Check out 5 leading trends in the wedding ring fashion of 2017.

1. Classic bands

A classic wedding band may look plain to some buyers, but it’s the most universally appealing type of wedding rings. You can decorate your bands with gemstones or engravings.



2. Five stone rings

The five stone ring is the more affordable version of the eternity ring. This bride’s ring will look awesome when paired with other rings, as well as next to the groom’s wedding band.


3. Stackable rings

There is no better option for brides with fashion-forward taste than a set of stackable wedding rings. Get 3, 5, or 7 uniquely designed rings instead of one and mix and match them any way you want!



4. Colorful rings

While diamonds are a girl’s best friend and the most traditional choice of a wedding ring gemstone, colorful wedding rings are certainly making a comeback!


5. One-stone rings

This style of wedding rings has been in vogue since the last century and hasn’t lost a single bit of its popularity. If you’re looking for a ring that will look trendy even in 50 years, go for this one.



3. Engagement rings in Nigeria

An engagement ring is as significant as the wedding ring. The engagement ring marks the first big milestone you hit as a couple, which is why it definitely needs to be special. Many happy grooms believe that the engagement ring should be as expensive as the wedding band, or even more expensive.

In general, you can use the guidelines described above to shop for the engagement ring. One of the current trends among couples is shopping for an engagement ring together: that way you’ll eliminate any chance of the bride being disappointed with her ring. Plus, it will be easier to buy a matching wedding band and wear the two rings together!







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