Top 8 best games for your Android, iPhone and iPad devices

It really does not matter if you have an Android smartphone, iPad or iPhone when it comes to quality gaming on mobile devices. The great thing about these devices is that you can get some great games on them the pass time. So if you’re lucky enough to own a portable device and you’re looking for ways to waste time doing something interesting, then this post is for you.

We’ve compiled some of the best and most-used apps, games and utilities. Watch out for our list of favorite games for the iOS and Android devices.


The Reigns series has always been a fascinating way of seeing what it would be like to make all of the tough decisions that a monarch has to make. Its latest spin-off takes that concept and puts it in the always brutal world of Game of Thrones. Sitting on the Iron Throne definitely isn’t easy.


The serene snowboarding adventure Alto’s Adventure now has a sequel, and it’s far from a dramatic departure. Alto’s Odyssey switches the setting to a gorgeous desert landscape, and introduces new features like wall-riding and bouncy hot air balloons. But the core action remains as soothing to play as ever.


The world’s most popular game also happens to be a great fit for your phone. Sure, touchscreen controls can’t match a mouse and keyboard for precision head shots, but if you want to complete all of those battle pass challenges, having the game on your phone is a huge help.


Five years ago Gone Home helped popularize a new kind of game, utilizing the perspective of a first-person shooter, but offering a more narrative-focused, violence-free experience. It tells the tale of a young woman who returns home from college, only to find the sprawling house completely empty. What follows is a tense, wonderful mystery — one that now fits in your pocket.


Supercell, the company behind mobile blockbusters Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, has tried its hand at competitive shooters with Brawl Stars. The game is bright and cartoony, but also incredibly deep, with a huge range of characters to utilize, each with their own particular skills.


The latest Civilization might be the biggest game you can play on a phone. It doesn’t water down the turn-based strategy fans have come to know and love, but somehow squeezes it all onto a tiny screen. It’s not the best way to play Civilization VI, but it works well enough, and it’s a godsend if you ever find yourself with hours to kill.


Designer Zach Gage has a knack for reinventing classic games like chess and solitaire, and now he’s done the same for pool. Pocket Run Pool turns the pub staple into a single-player experience. There’s a new set of rules and a constantly changing table, which ensure your quest for a high score will be ongoing.


Florence lasts less than two hours, but it manages to do a lot in that time. It’s a short story that uses interactivity to make you really feel what it’s like to be young and in love. It’s cute, charming, and playful, but ends on a powerful and emotional note.