“I Dont Know The Maid” – Lady In “Viral Househelp Video” Claims, As She Rain Curses On Her Accuser

This morning, a video by a lady quickly went viral after she revealed the treatment a couple allegedly meted out on a girl she alleged to be their house help. The lady in the video narrated how the couple made the girl to sit separately, while they had a meal of Ice cream and Pizza.

Lady in the “viral househelp video” curses her accuser

The wife in the video has quickly debunked the news, saying it is false, that she has no housemaid whatsoever, while of course not forgetting to curse the Lady who recorded and shared the video. Read her response below;
“My notice have been brought to a post trending on this platform about a family that separated their house girl, just for clarity sake, I don’t know the girl in the picture and video, I went there with my family, I don’t have a house maid. Whoever has done that, may the person never see anything good in the coming year except you apologize and make it clear that the news was false.”
The Twitter user, @Wizzy_Ewu who also started the whole ‘false news’ has apologized. The apology below;


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