VERY IMPORTANT! Here Are The Things To Look Out For Before Buying A Used Car

You want to buy a used car but don’t know what to check for? Here is a list of all the things you should be on the lookout for to guarantee your money’s worth.

Is The Car Ugly Outside?
If a vehicle has glaring problems such as dents, rust and cracks, it probably hasn’t been looked over by a service team. What this means is that there may even be worse problems going on in the engine that no one knows about. Get someone to do an engine check before you buy it.

How low is too low?
If you’re purchasing a used vehicle that means price is important to you. When you have an incredibly low budget, getting one for a very cheap price may seem like a blessing. If the price however is too good to be true,it probably is. A very low price may mean the seller wants to get rid of the vehicle fast and that means high service costs for you.

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Check For Manufacturer Recall
Has the manufacturer issued any recalls for that make and model you intend to buy used? And has the seller had them taken care of? Car manufacturers issue recalls to keep drivers and those around them safe. If they haven’t been taken care of then you could be a danger on the road till the fault is fixed.

It’s not quite the right shade of colour
Is the paint mismatched anywhere on the vehicle? If it is, the car may have been in an accident. This however may or may not be a dealbreaker. An accident is not a death sentence for the vehicle. But if the seller is trying to hide the fact that there was an incident, that’s not a good sign.

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All The Dashboard Signs Are On
When you take a test drive, are all the lights on the dashboard lit up? The Check Engine light may have been triggered by an errant sensor or the gas cap. It may also indicate a major issue with the vehicle. Get it checked out before you decide to take on the vehicle and any repair costs attached.

How Old Is The Car?
Is it five years old or younger? Has the transmission and engine been replaced? Ask as many questions as you can. Those components are supposed to last a long time. A replacement means the car is bad or the driver has abused the vehicle before putting it up for sale.

Is The Seller Controlling The Test Drive?
The test drive is when you put the vehicle through its paces. You should take it through high speeds, merging lanes and whatever type of roads you would normally be dealing with everyday. If the seller seems keen about controlling test drive and keep you from really testing the vehicle, you have a bad sign there.

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Other Random Things To Look out For
Do you see condensation behind the radio face or gauge cluster? Are the carpets mismatched? These could be a sign that the car has been water damaged. Check the windows: different labels can indicate someone broke into the car. Are the tyres different sizes or models? That could lead to the alignment being off.

Getting a fairly used vehicle can be a great way to get a new car for a price well-suited to your budget. Just keep all these things in mind to ensure you’re not also buying something that will cost you a fortune in repair costs or worse–another new vehicle in the new year.

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