It is now safe for women to go to Yaba market without being harassed by traders

Following the angry protest by a group of women and men who stormed Yaba Market in Lagos state on Saturday, to protest the harassment of mostly women and passersby in the market, women who visited the market after the Yaba Market March have now reported a great change in the behaviors of traders toward female customers and those simply passing by to their daily routine.

Despite being insulted and attacked during the protest, a majority of the women have taken to social media to share the testimonies of the great change they experienced while they passed the marketplace.

Some claimed that the traders were surprisingly well mannered and behaved and made no attempt in trying to touch them. However, those who made an attempt to touch them were cautioned by other traders.


Read some of the tweets below.

@ChimdimmaIke tweeted:

“At yaba today, I noticed they didnt touch me – at tejuosho, but when I got to the railway area, 2 guys -can be up to 15 before- touched me. However, I noticed the 1st 1 was very hesitant and quickly stepped back and the 2nd also quickly said, sorry I won’t touch you,come and buy.”



@talade_blackie replied: 

“Almost the same thing happened to me yesterday. I even purposely went sef, I really didn’t need to buy anything but I was like, lemme see what would happen. The closest thing to a catcall I got was, thank you fine girl. And that was for helping the seller look for change. ”