Check-out These Tiny Inspiring Feminist Tattoos

Ways to assist gender equality, and important means to take action is to actively take a stand towards sexism and unfair remedy, and displaying off your feminist satisfaction might be simply as empowering. Also not that getting a small, however significant tatt is a nice solution to exhibit your solidarity along with your fellow sisters, particularly in the event that they’re as cool as these 17 tiny feminist tattoos… Check them out below;

This fearless one.


  1. This feminist flower.


  1. This typography.

This motivational one.

  1. This easy design.

  1. This geometric magnificence.

  1. This equality image.

  1. These six highly effective letters.

  1. This cute thought.

  1. This intelligent writing.

  1. This iconic brand.

  1. This dainty design.

This detailed drawing.

  1. This sassy quote.

  1. This lovely writing.

  1. These robust muscle mass.

  1. And this easiest of all symbols.

Which one would you chose as your best feminist tattoo?…..Comment below