BENEFITS! Here Is Why You Need To Sleep Naked When You Are Alone At Night

Sleeping in the nude has quite a number of advantages. It encourages people to be more emotionally intimate and open with one another. Here are some benefits of sleeping naked when you are in a relationship.
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 Improves Relationships

Sleeping naked promotes intimacy among couples. Close contact with a significant other can massively boost the amount of oxytocin in your brain. This hormone is the neurotransmitter which helps you feel those impulsive good feelings to your other half.

Men’s Fertility

A study from the National Institute of Child Health and Development at Stanford University found that men who slept in the nude instead of wearing boxer shorts or briefs had a 25 percent lower rate of damaged DNA in their sperm than men who did wear them. Fertility may decrease as sperm gets overheated.

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More Steamy Sex

Sex is a great form of exercise and a stress reliever. If you and your partner regularly sleep naked next to each other, the likelihood is that you’ll have more sex than you would when wearing those restrictive PJs.

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More Refreshed Mornings

Often when you wake up from a night’s sleep in your preferred form of pajamas, you feel clammy and sticky from sweating during the night. Reserve the pajamas for those menstrual days.