Zambia Records 64 New COVID-19 Cases, No Death In Last 24hrs

Zambia has recorded 64 new cases (out of 4,539 tests), 0 deaths and 78 recoveries in the last 24hrs.

Total deaths stand at 346 , cumulative confirmed cases stand at 15,853.

Total recoveries stand at 15005. 

Active cases stand at 502.

Dr Canisius Banda says people should begin adjusting to live with the novel Coronavirus just like they have adjusted to other diseases because, in his view, COVID-19 is here to stay.
And Banda says much of Zambia is shielded from COVID-19 to some extent seeing that 50 per cent of the country’s population is either 14 years and below and that people of this age are less likely to contract the virus.

In an interview with LusakaTimes, Banda said it was foolish to think that a day would come when there would be no COVID-19.