1 Death Recorded As Zambia Records 44 New Cases

Zambia records 44 new coronavirus cases out of 1544 tests, with 11 recoveries and 1 death recorded even as schools resume today.

AS ALL schools reopen today, the greatest concern is their adherence to COVID-19 safety measures in order for the children to stay safe and healthy after six months of staying home.

Announcing the reopening of schools, colleges and universities during the official opening of Parliament last Friday, President Edgar Lungu said this was subject to compliance to public health guidelines.

“I have heard the cries of pupils, the cries of students, the cries of teachers and lecturers, the cries of parents and the cries of owners of schools, including the ministries of General Education and Higher Education concerning reopening of learning institutions.

“I am aware that the non-reopening of schools has led to loss of gains made by learners and, more importantly, all non-examination classes may be at the same level next year. The current examination classes would have no space to progress next year and hence may also lose a year,” the President said.

“I am encouraged to reopen the schools in the context of the new normal as espoused by the World Health Organisation (WHO).”

President Lungu also urged the Ministry of General Education to come up with modalities that will ensure that all pupils and students catch up after losing six months of the academic calendar.