4 New Cases Of COVID-19 As Zambia’s Confirmed Cases Rise To 16 – VIDEO

Minister of Health Dr. Chitalu Chilufya, MP holding the sixth COVID-19 Update today March 26, 2020. From the Ministry of Health – Global Fund Boardroom (Ndeke House) says the number of confirmed #Coronavirus cases in Zambia has increased to 16.

Minister for Communication and Broadcasting Dora Siliya has said the the country will start reviewing visa applications from foreigners and even citizens who are outside the country wanting to come to Zambia so as to limit the spread of the virus which has turned out to flow like a wild fire.

We have these four new cases in quarantine and following it up very carefully, and also trying to know where they have been, who they might have come in contact with, so that the spread can be curbed and squashed on time.

In respect to the wild spread of this deadly virus, the government have also put airports, clubs, bars, casinos on lockdown and thereby urged people to adhere to these instructions provided. The government have provided resources to combat the spread of the virus, stay home and self isolate, and if you feel unwell, report yourself to the nearest health center so you can be quarantined.

Speaking also was Dr. Chitalu Chilufya who was begged Zambians to please pray for the country and for the world asĀ  a whole, “we find ourselves in a hard time like this, and we are so sure that even this too shall pass and the world will be healed.”

God bless us all, God bless the Federal Republic of Zambia.

this story first appeared on zambianobserver.