Your abuse of drugs has a lasting impact on your mental health

Drug abuse refers to the harmful use of substances that have psychoactive effects.

The relationship between mental health problems and drug abuse is such that once a person is struggling with one of them, that person is at an increased risk of developing the other condition. A person suffering from anxiety, depression or stress might start to depend on drugs and alcohol in order to get some temporary relief. Also, a person addicted to the use of drugs has a much higher chance of developing a mental health problem. An example of this is the risk of developing psychosis by people who use marijuana.

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The neurological effects commonly associated with the abuse of drugs are

· Psychosis: This is a condition that greatly affects the mind. The affected individual has difficulty discerning between what is real and what is not. The individual’s thoughts and perceptions are messed up.

· Addiction: The functioning of the brain is changed such that the needs and desires that are supposed to be normal are being replaced by compulsive behaviours that are connected to the need to use certain substances. This need is usually so strong that it becomes a topmost priority to the affected person and they are constantly looking for means to get these substances so they can use them. Here, they lack the ability to control themselves notwithstanding the negative consequence that might follow.

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other effects include but are not limited to

· Stroke

· Seizures

· other toxic effects on the cells of the brain that can lead to brain disorders

Here is a list of drugs that are prone to have adverse effects on the brain:

· cocaine

· heroin

· inhalants

· ketamine

· marijuana

· methamphetamine

· prescription opioid

· prescription sedatives

· prescription stimulants

· Rohypnol

· salvia

· nicotine

· synthetic cannabinoid

· synthetic cathinones

· tobacco/nicotine

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This is not a comprehensive list. There are a host of other drugs that are able to distort the normal functioning of the brain and also affect it’s various motor, sensory and cognitive functions.

The use of alcohol, tobacco, illicit prescription drug use has been linked to one in four deaths worldwide.

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If you or someone you know is suffering from either drug addiction or mental health problem, please seek help. If either of them is properly managed, it reduces the chances that one would develop the other. If you’re already battling with both, please, seek help for both simultaneously.

Your mental health is paramount.

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