6 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Lime, Bet You Didn’t Know

You may have been taken lime several times with your fruit juice or black tea. Yes! You’re doing a great job. Your body will be happy with you. Lime is a citrus fruit used in several drinks and medicines. Be sure not to take it alone, as lime is acidic and can affect your system negatively.


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You can take it with your water, tea, juice or include it as an ingredient for your cocktail.

1. Treats Arthritis

When uric acid builds up in your system, urination is expected to clear it out. However, when too much builds up and your body is not able to release them, it causes pain. Lime can help to prevent this heavy build up of uric acid and treat arthritis.


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2. Boosts Immunity

Vitamin C in your diet is essential to your immune system. Lime acts as an immune booster, and the antioxidants in the fruit would help to protect your cells.


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3. Prevents cancer

It contains antioxidants that prevent cancer cells from developing and prevent them from spreading throughout the body.


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4. Battles infections

The antioxidants also help to battles other diseases that may affect your body. Using lime water can help you double the benefits. Drinking water is great, so taking it with lime is even greater.


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5. Helps to treat scurvy

When there is a sore in your mouth or beside your gum, you should take food or drink with lime in them. You can also use the lime to treat it directly, but this should not be performed regularly without a food or drink combination.

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6. Relieves sore throat

When you have challenges with your throat being sore, you should take lime water or lime juice to relieve it. You can also squeeze your lime fruit in hot tea so as to double up the treatment and steam your throat.


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