Why Noodles is dangerous to your health

  • Liver damage. Eating instant noodles that are too frequent or routine can cause liver damage. Instant noodle contains hazardous substance one of them Proplene Glycol which obviously damage and disturb the work of the liver.
  • Kidney failure. Content Proplene Glycol also invite other diseases that damage the kidneys work as one of the vital organs in our body. Kidney disease is a disease of kidney failure.
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  • Diabetes. Instant noodles, though tasty, tend to contain too much sugar in which can cause Diabetes. Indirectly the sugar content is well absorbed by our bodies.
  • Diabetes. The abundant sugar content in Instant Noodles also trigger us diabetes. It could reach Diabetes, it could also be because the sugar content comes out in the urine.
  • Increase cholesterol levels. Foods that can raise cholesterol levels not just food bersantan or various seafood but it turns out Instant Noodle also become one of the foods that can increase cholesterol because of high salt content.
  • Disrupt hormones for women. Instant noodles are consumed regularly or excessively for women to give its own danger one of them disrupt the hormone because Sodium contained in Instant Noodles. This causes a monthly schedule such as menstruation can be disrupted to cause acne.
  • Interfere sex hormones for men. If for women annoying monthly hormones, for men the negative effects of Instant Noodles also apply. Instant noodles rich in chemicals will disrupt male hormones in sex where they can not control their sex drive.
  • Trigger high blood pressure. In general, a person’s blood pressure is normally 130/80. But Instant Noodles will raise it alias trigger high blood pressure occurs due to harmful chemicals in it that are not visible.
  • Lowering metabolism. The chemicals in Instant Noodle can also lower our metabolism. Do not think Instant Noodle can energize us because Instant Noodles will only give us a little energy and lower our metabolism due to the chemicals.
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  • Inhibits the absorption of nutrients. Not a few parents who give their children instant food in the form of Noodles. For specific reasons such as timing or the child is hooked by the taste of Instant Noodles. Whereas Instant Noodle is not good for the growth of children – children. This is because Instant Noodles inhibits the absorption of nutrients in the body of children. What’s more for children under the age of 6?
  • Causes cancer. Who does not cringe at this disease. Cancer is easy to approach many people regardless of age. And Instant Noodle to be one way this disease can come to us. With a plurality of chemicals added with other harmful ingredients, one of them is Instant Noodles that in Styrofoam, cancer can be happy to approach. Stryfoam given hot water is not very good because it adds harmful chemicals in Instant Noodles.
  • Miscarriage for pregnant women. For women who are pregnant, avoid eating Instant Noodles. The chemicals in Instant Noodles are also a strong preservative that can cause miscarriage. Do not let something that has been awaited you since long must be lost because Instant Noodles.
  • Trigger Stroke disease. Stroke diseases that often affect some people in the world including Indonesia can also come because consuming regular consumption of Instant Noodles. Instant noodles can disrupt the smooth flow of blood.
  • Disturbing digestion. Because Instant Noodle can inhibit the nutrients into the body, this also makes the digestion in the body disturbed. Good digestion requires the help of many nutrients and minerals. Therefore, not a few who like to consume Instant Noodle constipation or constipation difficult. It can even cause stomach and intestines to leak.
  • Trigger headaches. Instant noodle contains a lot of MSG. MSG is not very good for our body and brain. Consuming MSG can give a mild to serious effect. Simply put, it’s a headache. MSG can trigger headaches because the body does not accept this harmful substance.
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  • Disturbing the respiratory system. The content of MSG in Instant Noodles can also disrupt our breathing. The main symptom is to make us difficult to breathe and feel tightness in the chest. If you already feel this immediately away from Instant Noodles. Do not you lose your life because of Instant Noodles?
  • Make face swollen. In addition to triggering headaches and disrupt the respiratory system, MSG content in Instant Noodle can also make a red face – red to swollen. Not many are aware of this because it usually does not last long only when the MSG is absorbed in the body.