Mothers-to-be, Check How You Can Maintain A Healthy Weight When Pregnant

Gaining a healthy amount of weight is expected, and even encouraged, during pregnancy. Considering the fact that you’re carrying a baby plus the placenta and amniotic fluid an increase in the number on the scale isn’t a bad idea.
However, it’s important to keep weight gain within a healthy range during pregnancy.


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This is not just so you can find it less of a struggle to get back in shape afterward, but also so you don’t put extra pressure on your heart and other organs. Here are some tips on how to maintain a healthy weight when you’re pregnant:

Eat for one


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Some pregnant women like using the expression ‘eating for two’ to justify an increase in their food portions. While pregnant women do require extra calories, try not to add empty or unhealthy calories such as junk food. Make sure you choose healthy options and load up on fruits and veggies. Not only do they help your baby grow strong and healthy, but they also serve as great snacks.


Do some walking


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Exercising while pregnant may not sound like something you want to do, but you don’t have to do a lot. Just aim to move as much as you can. Take walks, dance, or just stand at intervals to avoid being completely sedentary. Obviously, you shouldn’t do anything strenuous without consulting your doctor.

Indulge when you need to


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Pregnancy cravings are real and it’s not smart to ignore them (Unless you have a craving to drink kerosene.) If what you’re craving is not deadly, you can indulge in moderation. Fighting that urge makes it more likely that you may end up bingeing at some point which is not a good idea.

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