WOW! Check out unbelievable health benefits you would gain from onions

The health benefits of onions are too numerous to mention, but we’ll concentrate on just the benefits for ladies. Most of us don’t like having a conversation with people who have onion breath and some of us can’t even stand the smell of onions in our food. But if for no other reason consider the benefits for your sexual health. Here are 5 amazing health benefits of onions and we’ll leave the best for last:


Health Benefits Of Onions

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1. Healthier Skin

Onion contains biotin which is important for maintaining healthy skin. Biotin helps prevent and treat brittle nails, grey hair and hair loss. It also kills the bacteria that causes dandruff  and other scalp and skin infections. So eat that onion or use the paste on your hair.



2. Stronger Immunity

Onions are packed with nutrients that help boost the immune system and fights bacteria and fungi that attacks the bod. The phytonutrients in onions help the antioxidant properties take effect which helps strengthen your immune system.


Health Benefits Of Onions

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3. Prevents Cancer

Quercetin is a plant pigment that’s high in onions and is packed with antioxidants that help fight cancer causing free radicals. So onions are a really good weapon you’d wanna have in the fight against cancer.



4. Weight Loss

Onions are high in fiber and also promotes the production of HDL. HDL is good cholesterol that helps you stay healthy and loss weight while the high fiber content of onion promotes the break down of foods and aid the proper metabolic process in the body.


Health Benefits Of Onions

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5. Sexual Health

Onions are one of the greatest aphrodisiacs of all time. Tested and trusted to increase the testosterone levels which increases your libido and strengthen your reproductive organ. In Ayurveda medicine, it is known as a tonic for building sexual energy. So when you want to get your groove on, you know to grab that onion ring and maybe a bit of seafood too.


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