Here are 9 scary addictive food items that are no less than drugs

According to researchers, what we call as addictive foods are basically the processed food items that are high in sugar and fat. The addition calories tend to imbalance the sugar level and that leads to food cravings. In this entire vicious circle, the key role is played by the brain ad is suggested to avoid such processed food for a healthy brain and heart. Here’s the list of 9 horrifying addictive food items that are no less than drugs. Have a look.


A bitter-tasting stimulant called ‘theobromin’ extensively used in chocolate aids the upliftment of one’s mood, increased concentration as well as arousal. But this is no less than a poison when consumed in high amounts as it can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, internal bleeding and even heart attack.
Cheese Burger
They are loaded with high fat, high salt and carbohydrates that are extremely appealing to the taste buds, but are detrimental to the human body. In case, you can’t control, opt for the healthy version that are easily available in the market.
From aerated drinks to lemonade, they all have very little amount of nutrients and abundant of sugar content that stimulates high levels of dopamine. They surely relieve us off the scorching heat, but are deadly when it comes to health in the long run.
Because of icing and other elements, they look massively addictive, and are high in sugar and fructose corn syrup that are enough to kill you with ease.
French Fries
The most famous dish in the league is French Fries that is loaded with Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), a flavouring agent often used to enhance the taste of the golden fries. According to nutritionists, it is high in fat and salt making it bad for the human brain and intestines too.
They are high in fructose corn syrup, and the amount of sugar used in per serving is good enough to impact the blood sugar levels. What they mention as ‘low-calorie cookies’ are also most likely filled with artificial sweeteners. The use of artificial colours, considered as an additive is made by cooking high-dextrose corn syrup with ammonium compounds and has been marked by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as two main contaminants as possible carcinogens.
Ice Cream
Sugar is one of the most important and dangerous food ingredients that we often get addicted to. It is advisable to avoid dishes like ice cream that are loaded with high levels of sugar and cause major loss in terms of weight gain and neurological disorder.
Butylhydroxytoluene, commonly known as BHT, is a compound, frequently used in the chips packaging to prevent rancidity. This fat-soluble chemical is can cause cancer when consumed in high amounts.
According to experts it contains a compound ‘casomorphin’ that is closely related to the neurotransmitters in the brain and release dopamine. Though, cheese does have health benefits, but excess consumption can be lethal because of the high levels of cholesterol and fat content in it.

SOURCE: Times Food