HEALTH TIPS: Here are the five (5) side effects of Zobo drink you don’t know

Rich in iron, calcium and vitamin C, rosalle plant (also known as Hibiscus flower) is used to make Zobo drink. It could be tea or juice that has many advantages but at the same time has many side effects. Let’s show you some of the disadvantages of Zobo drink you should be aware of when you take a sip.

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Since many Nigerians love to have a cup of zobo drink during their day, we should talk about all it’s side effects.

Possible hallucinations

The dry Hibiscus flowers used for making Zobo drink also include the slight amount of hallucinogenic properties. Such drinks shouldn’t be taken regularly, and some professions should absolutely avoid them. For example, drivers and factory workers who have to work with complex technique don’t want to get even slight hallucinations or feel sleepy at work. If your job requires concentration and full attention, find a different healthy drink to enjoy or do not take zobo too often.

Extremely low blood pressure

The drink made of Hibiscus flower can influence your blood pressure. Those whose pressure is always high can lower it by taking Zobo drink. Those who suffer from low blood pressure can choose other healthy drinks, because if your low blood pressure gets even lower, it could be a dangerous situation with side effects to your health, so you should be very careful with Zobo or avoid this drink.

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Heart problems

Since the tea or drink made of Hibiscus flowers can expand the blood vessels it could also lead to possible problems with your heart.

Interaction with other medicines

People who are taking pills, syrups and any medicine should avoid Zobo drink because it can interact with medications and cause addiction or health issues.

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Slow body reactions

The Zobo drink can help you relax but it can also cause slower reactions in your body. This could lead to relaxation and prevent you from working and performing your everyday tasks. You will get this side effect and lose your ordinary productiveness.

We have listed some of the main disadvantages of Zobo drink which should not be taken by pregnant and breastfeeding women, drivers, workers, those who have low blood pressure and many other people. At the same time, the drink made of Hibiscus flower boasts advantages (vitamins, minerals etc.) so it is better to consider all the pros and cons before taking it.