How to stop Masturbation

Many people think that masturbation is something not to worry about but in real sense, it can be a bad addiction. Just like a drunkard who fools himself that he is not addicted to alcohol, people who are addicted to masturbation will deny the fact that they have become addicts. The following are ways you can avoid masturbation or getting addicted to it.

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Don’t watch pornography. Watching porn can easily lead to masturbation. Instead, try watching something comical or non-sexual related content.

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Be around people. Being alone can prompt ideas of masturbation especially if you have tried it once. Having people around you will stop you from having such ideas. Always try to be in the public and with time you will be able to completely stop masturbation.

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Avoid reading articles which suggest masturbation is good or not harmful. Reading such articles will make you feel like you are doing the right thing and thus, you will easily get addicted to masturbation. Instead, read the articles suggesting that masturbation is bad and very harmful.

Find other hobbies to utilize your energy. Try getting into a band, a football team or get swimming lessons; this way you will not even think of masturbation let alone doing it.

Talk to someone you trust. If you feel like it’s becoming hard for you to avoid masturbation, try talking to someone you trust and who can help you. These people can include your priest, close relative or friend. You may first feel like it’s embarrassing but at the end, you will find help and avoid getting addicted to masturbation.