10 Tips On How To Take Care Of Yourself During Harmattan

The harmattan season is around the corner and with it comes to some cold, dryness and discomfort. Because there is a lot of dust particles being carried around by the wind, this gets into our eyes and may cause some allergy and redness. Also, the skin is usually dry with accompanying cracking of lips, soles of the feet and sometimes the skin itself. This could also be accompanied by excessive sneezing and catarrh.

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The good news is that there are certain things we can do to protect ourselves and our skin from the worst. Here are some:

1. Drink lots of water to keep you hydrated but avoid excessive intake of caffeinated drinks. Excessive intake of caffeinated drinks (Antihistamines) can be dehydrating to your skin, and the key thing to survive Harmattan is moisture.

2. Keep your skin moisturized always. Use one with natural oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil… or you could whip up some natural shea butter at home add some natural oils and essential oils and you’ve got your own body cream.

3. Rinsing your eyes with clean water and reducing the exposure to the dust by wearing protective spectacles is advised.

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4. Do away with alcohol-based facial cleansers, they strip the skin of the much-needed moisture and further dry the skin.

5. Avoid unnecessary exposure of your skin to dry air. Keep warm by always dressing appropriately for the season.

6. Keep your hair moisturized and try as much as possible to do hairstyles that keep your hair ends hidden to avoid breakage.

7. Avoid using hair spritz, gels, and strong hair hold. Mild styling mousse can be used for styling instead.

8. Do not completely dry your skin after a shower. Your skin can retain more moisture if you apply a cream on damp skin.

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9. Vitamin C is good for the skin, nails, and hair. Take fruits that contain Vitamin C to keep your skin looking supple.

10. Don’t forget to have your lip balm always with you and apply it often to keep your lips from getting too dry and chaffed.

Do you have any more tips to add?