How to Survive Harmattan season

According to @chidiebereegbo these are ways to suvive Harmattan season in Nigeria. We have two major seasons that runs out before the end of a particular year,
(i)rainy season
(ii)dry season

In some situations, the dry season kicks off in late October or early November, depending on which part of the country you are residing, and most Nigerians always have it hot during these period, especially the northerners, although I’ve not been to the northern part of the country but I have friends who gist me stuff about that place very well.
This is the time when there is increased rate in coldness and hotness of the weather, is mostly cold and dry in the morning times and hot in the afternoon times but the evenings use to be better environment for most of us.

Image result for HarmattanThe Harmattan in Nigeria causes majorly the dryness of the human lips and skin, some times its affects crops and plant because they won’t have water to survive expect one would devout to water them steadily.
Another effect it has on us is increasing cough and catarrhThese are just some few things we experience during this time , now I want to share with the steemit community how I survived this season last year comfortably.

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(i) First is mopping and cleaning from time to time: because of the dustiness of the season, we ought to be cleaning our homes frequently to thwart some of its effects on us

(ii) Covering our body very well to avoid cold entering in our body leading to common cold

(iii) Taking a warm bath morning and night: the water this time will be cold at times except you like cold water, you can be managing it but I cant stand it at all This time

(iv) Moisturizing our skin: all you need to do is to fin the right cream/moisturizer that suits your body, (Vaseline is very popular and affordable in the country) so you can easily get one for your self and apply time to time to avoid dryness of the skin

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(v) In the previous notes I laid down I talked about how our lips dry off this season and some time breakcor peal off, we can also get a lip-gloss for ourselves, yeah this might sound weird for the guys but it’s the only way to keep your lips safe, I collect a lot from my sister during this period and she’s always complaining.

for the guys you can decide to get a colorless type

(vi) The last but not the list is getting a small handkerchief for ourselves in case the wind blows the dust to us , we will have what to cover our nose with to avoid inhaling dusts