How To Prepare Simple Water Yam Balls (ojojo)

Ojojo is a popular street snack that is very common among the Yorubas; it is one of the easiest finger foods that bring back childhood memories.

Water Yam is Delicious,potentially easy to prepare.


2 Water Yam tubers
2 tablespoons dried pepper
1 small red onion
A quart of vegetable oil
1 garlic slice
1 seasoning buillon cube


1. Peel 3 Water Yams and clean thoroughly

2. Grate Water Yams into a thick fine texture. Do NOT add water.

3. Add Dried pepper, onions (chopped or ground), seasoning cube, garlic (ground), salt

4. Pour enough Vegetable oil into pot ready for a deep fry.

5. Now, thoroughly mix water yam paste and all ingredients together by hand or hand mixer.

6. Now, heat palm or vegetable oil in a saucepan.

7. Then scoop water yam mix into oil and fry on medium heat for around 6 minutes.

8. The OJOJO should sink to the bottom of the pot at first and then rise to the surface while frying.

9. Due to deep frying, all sides should cook evenly with no need to flip.

10. You know OJOJO is ready when its a light brown as shown here.

11. Drain excess oils by scooping newly fried OJOJO into gauze bowl or bowl with paper towel base.

12. Then do step 7 and 8 over again until all the water yam mix is gone.

13. OJOJO or Water Yam Balls is now ready to serve

Credit : Yummieliciouz Food Recipes