Check out the Top 5 Nigerian soup (No 1 is prepared by the Yorubas)

Nigerians are known for so many beautiful things like their culture, tradition, style and sense of fashion and most importantly, their food.

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All the tribes in Nigerians have their specialities but the on thing they have in common is their ability to make delicious soup that can be eaten by anyone and everyone .

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Some of these soups require little or more ingredients to be prepared and because of these, we have decided to bring to you top 5 Nigerian soups everyone should try.

(5) Bitter leaf soup

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Bitter leaf soup (Ofe Onugbu) Bitter leaf soup is very popular in Eastern Nigeria. The name bitter leaf soup can discourage you from eating it. This is not the case as the traces of bitterness is removed by squeezing and washing the leaves several times.



Banga Soup

This Banga soup is indigenous to the Deltans but also loved and enjoyed by both People from Edo state and all of the Niger Delta.

This is also banga stew but they are both made with similar ingredients. Banga stew is native to the Igbos and usually served with boiled white rice. While banga soup (as in this case) goes with starch, eba or fufu.

(3) Efo Riro

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Efo Riro is a rich vegetable soup that is widely prepared among the Yorubas. The vegetables that can be used to cook this soup is Efo shoko (Green Amaranth).

If this is not available you can simply use spinach.


(2) Edikaikong

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Edikang Ikong soup is native to the people from Akwa Ibom and Cross River states. It is prepared with a lot of pumpkin leaves, .water leaves and assorted meat as well as beef.

It is quite nourishing.

(1) Efo Elegusi

Efo elegusi simply means Egusi made with a higher quantity of green vegetables like spinach, ugu, kale etc. It is consumed by almost all the Tribes in Nigeria especially the Yoruba tribe.

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It has been discovered that every tribe has their own way of making their Efo Elegusi but the beauty of it is that they taste nice. Efo Elegusi is an extremely popular Nigerian vegetable soup.

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