Check Out 5 Delicious Mouth Watering Nigerian Soups You Should Try

Nigerian cuisine consists of dishes or food items from the hundreds of ethnic groups that comprise Nigeria. Like other West African cuisines, it uses spices and herbs with palm or groundnut oil to create deeply flavored sauces and soups. No doubt, Nigerian meals are very tasty. Those of us who live in the diaspora can attest to this, as we do not get to eat them often, unlike when in Nigeria.

Here are the five tasty Nigerian soups you should try before the year runs out;

1. Afang Soup:


This soup is a rich soup that got its name from leaves. Due to its rich nutrients and flavours, afang leaves are more bitter and a little tougher than your average leaf, but when blended or chopped finely, it creates a lovely texture and taste in the mouth.


2. Ila Alasepo:

Ila Alasepo’s major quality is the way it sticks or “draws” in the popular Nigerian voice . This is an often spicy one-pot edition of two separate meal components (the okra and the stew), bolstered with lots of assorted cuts of meat and seafood.


3. Efo Riro:


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Efo riro is also known as “mixed greens”. There is no much goodness behind this rich, fragrant vegetable stew other than, vegetables, bell pepper (rodo), onion, locust beans (iru), dried or smocked fish, pomo and meat.


4. Banga:


The palm fruit-based soup is commonly associated with the Delta region and particularly the Urhobo ethnic group. It includes regional spices and ingredients such as, seafood, meats and palm fruits. The palm fruit, shellfish and meat creates delicious textures and a great taste.


5. Edikangikong:


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The dry leafy vegetable soup is a delicacy from, Cross River region of Nigeria. This meal is rich in iron because the greens are a mixture of ugwu (pumpkin leaf) and gbure (water leaf). Aside from the vegetables, you can make use of meat, fish, stock-fish and periwinkles.


All these special Nigerian soups can be eaten with fufu, eba, amala and starch, depending on the one that best suits you.

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Source: Madivasmag