Beauties! Check Out Practical Techniques That Would Help Define Your Curls

Many women who want curly hair ask questions like, How do I change my hard, thick, straight hair to soft, curly hair? This article brings you some practical techniques that would help on how to define your curls. There are different ways to define your curls; here is the list

Shingling: After washing your hair, section your hair into four parts, add your moisturizer and your curl gel to little strands of your hair.


Raking: This method is the same as shingling, the only difference is that instead of adding your curl gel to little strands of your hair, take a section and cut it into a sub-section, then just rake through the sub-section. The picture below shows the shingling and the raking method.


Finger Coils: After adding your moisturizer and curl gel, use your finger from the root of your hair and curl to the tip of the hair. If you are doing this yourself, you are going to feel pain in your arm, so i suggest you do it in a salon.


Flexi Rods: We know the drill, wash, moisturize, de-tangle and add your curl gel. Cut your hair into sections and use your flexi rods.

Bantu Knots: After washing your hair de-tangle the hair and make your bantu knots. You can leave the bantu knots over night before loosing it.

Image result for Bantu Knots

Perm Rod Set: Use the same method as flexi rod, but the only difference here is that you’re using perm rod set.

Two Strand Twist: Two strand twist is another method used in curling your hair.

Flat Twist: This flat twist is just like two strand twist, the only difference is that you’ll braid it like you’re weaving the hair.

Braid Out: You’ll braid your hair and then loose it, make sure you don’t loose the hair with a comb, do this with your hand and do it gently because you want your curls to come out fine.

Straw Set: You’ll need to use straws for the straw set curls.

CurlFormers: curlformers are also used to define curls. Curlformers is known to straighten your hair, if you want your hair straightened and you don’t want to use hair straightener because of the heat, I’ll recommend you use curlformers.

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