Only Boss Babes can rock these classy asoebi styles!

Weddings are a world wide phenomenon and it’s always a thing of joy when a couple decide to share their big moment with family and friends.

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Nigerians love weddings, like most people and we love to show off bridal styles as well. These 8 Nigerian bridal styles are from different cultures, but they do not necessarily display the cultural attires worn by these cultures for weddings.

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Things have evolved and so has traditional wedding attires. We hope you enjoy this curation of Nigerian brides and “ooohhh and ahhhhh” over these gorgeous ladies and their outfits.

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Here are a few hilarious things that always happen during Nigerian weddings.

Time to go shopping

In Igbo tribes, the bride’s family present the potential groom with a dowry list that he must fulfill in order to get their blessing to marry.

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The list often includes, but is not limited to, clothes, food, white goods, and huge items like a new car. Some families also require hard-to-find items like an alligator tooth. A bride’s dowry will become more expensive if she has gone to university and holds a degree or doctorate.

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This has resulted in many potential marriages failing at the first hurdle as the groom was unable to afford the family’s requirements.

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If you have an older sibling, you have to cross your fingers that your brother or sister doesn’t want to live the life of a bachelor indefinitely.Nigerian wedding tradition says that men, in particular, are not allowed to be married until their older brothers are.

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In Igbo families, all marriages should follow in order of seniority. Younger siblings have to postpone their weddings with the one they love until their older siblings have married, or choose to proceed without the blessing of their family.

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If it is a woman who has to wait for an older sister to marry, a potential groom could simply choose to move on rather than wait.

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Toughen up

In the Hausa tribe, men who wish to get married have to prove their love for their bride in the most painful way possible – by enduring 100 lashes. The tradition dictates that is the man winces, cries, or shows in any way that he is in pain, the wedding cannot go ahead.

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