ASOEBI OF LIFE!!! Checkout these latest styles, the best for you this season!

Weddings in the African/Nigerian culture get bigger and bigger over the years. We love to be over the top in how we celebrate and what we wear.

#themochias19 @miss_asante Fabric- @glitz_allure_fabrics Dress by @fakor__m

So our clothing is very important. Now don’t get me wrong, I love partaking in a close friends event and buying the Aso Ebi, but sometimes I have to ask myself, is the headache and money truly worth it?

Dress by @divalukky

After you pay for the material, find a seamstress to sew the outfit and pay her, you are running close to $200+ not including wanting to probably get your makeup and nails done for this big event.

@__kachiee__ Dress @elizabeth_leo_styling

We also know some people who sell their material WAY MORE than the original price most likely to help with funding for the wedding, but should it really be treated as a fundraiser? Isn’t your friends supporting you enough as it is?


Because let’s be honest, after you wear it once, it just collects dust in the back of your closet. There are a lot of people for and yet also against wearing Aso Ebi.

#AsoEbiBella in love and ready to take #TheMochias19. Photo credit- @glitz_allure_fabrics

I have decided for myself, that I can only wear it for very close friends and family, because the money I have spent over the years is quite ridiculous.

Fabric- @lenavezfashionhouse Dress by @eruga1 Gele- @aceeffects

One can not come and kill themselves in the name of Aso Ebi lol…but seriously at the end of the day do what makes you happy and what you can afford. No pressure!

Checkout these fabulous asoebi styles below…


@symplysimi in @accostcollection Styledby- @kie_kie__ Makeup & picture- @mlprobeauty Fabric- @april_fabrics

#AsoEbiBella in @hafsatofficial



@julietibrahim serving pops of color in @symdeycouture ?? Stylist @styledbytimi Makeup:hair @solangehairandbeauty Lashes @shadesbyjulietibrahim Shoes @houseofglamourboutique

@shalomchristopher_ in @nana_ajala

#AsoEbiBella in @versatilebay

Photo by @atomimages



Photo by @eleanorgoodeyphotography

Photo by @officialbigdealweddings


Photo by @lagosweddingphotographer

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