DIVAS! Give Them Hot-Hot With These Fascinating Aso Ebi Styles That Would Turn Heads At Any Owambe

Aso Ebi is a uniform type of cloth worn by family members, close friends and sometimes by people who are invited to attend an event. It has been used in past times to single out the celebrants and their family members. It’s no surprise that people attach so much importance to the associated Aso-Ebi piece of fabric. Aso Ebi adds colour and style to a party.





Contrary to popular belief, the Aso Ebi phenomena is not strictly a Nigerian thing but applies to many tribes and countries in Africa with the subtle difference in the name; not called Aso-Ebi across all countries. For Africans especially Nigerians, choosing an Aso-Ebi has become an integral part of an event. There is hardly any event like a wedding, burial, birthday party, child dedication and naming you will attend without family members and friends on Aso-Ebi. The Aso-Ebi has sure proven not to go out of fashion as it has been a trend for decades and keeps evolving in the fashion scene.






Choosing the right Aso Ebi for every occasion can be a very challenging task. It just doesn’t involve going to the market and picking any kind of material. When picking an Aso-Ebi, it is important to consider the people who are buying it, the colour of the fabric; which should blend and match the style of the theme of the event.






Another thing to consider is the quality and the price of the fabric. No matter how cheap or expensive your Aso-Ebi is, people want quality. It is better to go for quality over quantity. Nobody wants to buy a very expensive Aso Ebi that is crappy.









Source: Madivas


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