LADIES GET IN HERE! See 5 Tops To Rock That Will Look Great With EVERYTHING In Your Closet

One wardrobe staple you will always find in a lady’s closet is cotton tops. The problem I have with them is that some ladies think these tops can only be styled with a pair of joggers, jeans or shorts. Can we prove you wrong today? We would be showing you 5 tops that will look great with EVERYTHING in your closet!

What came to your mind when you read cotton tops? The regular round neck tees right?

Honestly, ladies think that these are the only types of cotton tops but what happens to the classic V-necks?

What category did we put the short sleeved stripe tops? What about the linen tops you bought last month?

None of these tops should be underestimated because they can be worn with literally everything. Need some inspiration? Check out the pictures below.