HOT! HOT!! Step back into work after the holiday looking like a Sexy CEO in these amazing corporate fashion wears

Ever pas by a lady and even as a girl, you just had to stop and check her out? That is Monica Awe-Etuk, she screams boss lady style magic and we hope you will not just check her out but be inspired by her as well

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Monica Awe-Etuk is a Nigerian style blogger based in US, and not only that, she’s a mother of two beautiful children. For a great part of her life, she has studied the fashion industry closely and has been working in it; little wonder why she’s so competent.

Monica always rocks the streets with her classy outfits, and we totally love it. Moreover, she believes that the greatest fashion challenge is to ‘revamp’ what’s already in your closet. Are you ready to accept that challenge?


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Here are photos of Monica Awe-Etuk’s style for your inspiration:

1. This style makes you look ready to take over!

monica awe-etuk style inspiration

2. Have fun in this pretty style.

monica awe-etuk style inspiration

3. Monica Awe-Etuk looks absolutely gorgeous in this lovely white dress. You will too!

4. We love how the floral top goes well with the blazer and white pants.

monica awe etuk style inspiration

5. Monica Awe-Etuk sure knows how to style these outfits you can wear for an outing with friends.

monica awe etuk style inspiration

6. This blazer jumpsuit and Balenciaga boots are just lovely! monica awe etuk style inspiration

7. Seen those white shoes and blazer before? Yes! Monica Awe-Etuk knows how to repeat fashion items.

monica awe etuk style inspir

8. This lovely dress is what you should look out for right now.

monica awe-etuk style inspiration

9. We can’t help but notice Monica’s amazing belt bag.

10. Sometimes, momma has to go a little crazy on the streets with that pair of jeans.

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