LADIES! Check Out These Beautiful Ankara Designs That Will Make You The Talk Of The Party

The Ankara fabric feels like the older sister who always wins in life. It feels weird to call this classic a trend but the fabric never seizes to have the best comeback moments year after year. Through innovative designs, the Ankara finds ways to consistently reinvent and immerse itself with current trends and that’s a feat very few fabrics can boast of.



The Ankara fabric has always been a huge part of West African culture, but it has never achieved this much mainstream success as it has in the last couple of years. We can’t point to the actual trigger that ushered in the new wave of converting Ankara into fabulous contemporary styles but we are always excited to find Ankara styles that live up to our very modern standards.



Although it’s only been a few months into the new year, there’s something homogenous, artsy and playful about the Ankara styles being delivered this year. It’s like every designer and tailor is on the same wavelength when it comes to transforming the fabric into a millennial’s dream come true.

Check out 7 Ankara designs that have millennials’ approval…

Ankara designs

Linda Osifo


Nollywood actress, model and TV host Linda Osifo has steadily established herself as a force to reckon with ever since she came into the spotlight. Best known for her roles in the TV show Desperate Housewives Africa, and the movie Bed Lamp, Linda has also been known to flaunt her melanin magic without hesitation.


Serwaa Ahimere



Nana Akua Addo






Mimi Onalaja


Fast-rising media girl, Omowunmi “Mimi” Onalaja’s facebeat has been nothing short of fabulous in recent times. For those needing an intro, Mimi Onalaja is a presenter, actress and writer who got her fame from hosting Ebonylife TV show VVIP Events. She has since been killing it on the gram on a near daily basis with both her style and beauty looks. By all indications, Mimi has made it a duty to always look flawless to any event she graces or anytime she’s on the air, and she’s done this well enough to catch our attention.







The Ankara fabric is only going to get more popular. Luxury brands like Stella McCartney are already jumping on it as seen in their Spring/Summer 2018 collection. The fabric that was once looked down on, is sure becoming the chief cornerstone.

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