Check Out Reasons You Should Wear Red More Often

Due to the fact that red draws the eye’s attention, People who feel insecure may feel worse when wearing red as the color might bring unwanted attention to them.Here are other reasons why you should wear red:

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Increases one’s attractiveness:
Women view men in red as higher in status, more likely to make money, and more likely to “climb the social ladder”, which they presented as an underlying reason for the so-called “red effect”. Also, men also view women as more attractive and sexually desirable when they wear red lipstick, a red dress, etc.

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Gives a competitive edge:
While the red color had been associated with higher levels of testosterone and dominance in many animal species, scientists have shown that the bold color is a sexually selected trait among certain lizards, fish and monkeys, to name a few. Even humans may benefit from similar competitive advantage, especially in sports.So if you ever run out of colors to shop for, you now know which to get.

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