Why Mercy Eke said It’s very difficult to date her or get her attention

Reality star and entrepreneur Mercy Eke gave a stern warning to her fans and admirers too, who may be seeking to date her or get closer to her. According to her, it’s very hard to catch, date, get her attention, or even chill with her, but here’s why she said so:


She’s famous and can’t be hidden :

She revealed that she’s a golden fish, which can’t be hidden in a river. This further entails that due to the fact that she’s a reality star and a famous one, many things about her lifestyle are usually out there on the internet, while taking into cognisant her relationship with Ike Onyema. Most of the things she’s doing are in public, and it takes a stronger man to accept someone that popular.

She’s already rich and comfortable:

She emphasized that men will always want to show her out to the world if they are given the opportunity. She also talked about how difficult it is to get her attention. This is because she appears to be wealthy and influential, and she may be more concerned with getting high in her career than listening to talks from men who may or may not be serious.

It’s certain that ladies are expected to get married at some point, but for the rich ones, their attention will always be focused on bettering their lives and they may pay less regard to relationships. That’s why she also revealed that it’s difficult to catch her (being in a relationship with you) irrespective of her smiling at all times on social media.