This Lady Bought An iPhone 12 Pro Max With Only N3,000

Omotola’s birthday was coming up in a few days. February 14th to be exact. Yeah, she’s a Valentine baby. Therefore you can imagine how she felt to become the winner of our iPhone Pro Max auction on our launch day, February 7th, 2021. Oh, yes! She felt loved!!

She was ecstatic, screaming in joy and chanting “Kobobid, Kobobid” with her friends. Once she opened the pack to reveal her new iPhone, she was over the moon. Even her walking step changed that day o! The phone even almost dropped, her friends were going, “be careful!”

Omotola might have been overjoyed, but we would probably tie for who was happier, as the joy that we also felt presenting her with her win cannot be measured. It was truly ‘the joy’, for us.

“Enjoyment” is literally one of the reasons why we started this platform. To bring it closer to people who also deserve it, but can otherwise not afford it. Omotola won the iPhone Pro Max currently valued at over N500,000 with 33 bids (₦3,300) plus the closing price of the auction which was just N7.99 so she paid N3,307.99! Only! Abeg, we are proud of ourselves.

We’re so happy for Omotola’s win. We definitely will record many more like this. So, if you want to be one of our winners, it’s very easy – Sign up to and start your winning streak by bidding on our correct correct deals with a chance to win them with as little as N100.

Enjoyment is for everybody o! Don’t miss out. Congratulations to you, Omotola, once again. Keep that new step up, please.